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Dick Millard

Dick Millard served his apprenticeship at Rambusch in NYC from 1951-55. He was fortunate to train as a painter under Frank Kaufl, and to work in the company of greats such as Joep Nicolas, Robert Pinart, John Nussbaum and Bob Sowers during his apprenticeship. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he went to Durhan Studios as Head Painter. There he was privileged to work with John Gordon Guthrie, Albinas Elskus, and Paul Coulaz. After 8 years with Durhans, he left to establish Roemer-Millard with Bill Roemer which lasted for 7 years. After an eight year stint at Rambusch as Director of Stained Glass he left, and has been an independent designer and painter for the past 30 years.










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