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Mark Liebowitz

I was born on the fourth of July, six years after the war, when America was just about to enter the Eisenhower years. I am a boomer, through and through, raised on TV and the space race. College allowed me to discover the world of art for myself, I took hold of it and I continue to clutch it tightly and lovingly to this day with both hands. I first learned from Albinus Elskus, he taught glazing and painting and a little etching.

I worked for 4 years at The Lamb Studios, serving at times, as both foreman and apprentice. It was there that I found the road on which I would travel. I surely didn’t know where that would lead me, but I went enthusiastically down the path. At Lamb, I found the first artist that I developed a relationship with as fabricator. The work we did together has become the model for the direction I have taken my own studio.

I have described the collaborative process between an artist and myself, and by extension, my studio, as a “love affair. “ There is much in common--- maybe key to both is the act of listening. Doing business as Wilmark Studios, I have had the incredible good fortune to practice my trade for 26 years and I have fallen in love over and over again.










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