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2007 Auction Donations

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Harlequin is a 2ft x 4ft panel featuring the hand cut bevels of Dennis Swan.  Four round jewels are cut from Kokomo Glass billets and are faceted on both sides of the glass.  The largest jewel in the scepter is a full 2 inches thick.  Eleven diamond bevels are cut from ¼-inch thick Kokomo clear Vertigo Glass.  No two are the same.  Amber Vertigo was used on the end of the scepter to create two beveled bronze clasps for the large jewel.  For additional information on Harlequin click here.

Donated by: Joseph 2bears.   Hand-cut beveling donated by Dennis Swan.


“Arabesque” by Tom Krepcio
Donated by:  Bob Collini


1923 Pittsburgh Glass
1924 Wendling Glass Co /Nat'l Ornamental Glass Mfrs. Assoc.

This is a fine reproduction of two stained and leaded glass catalogs: a 1924 catalog of stained glass church windows from the Wendling Glass Co. and the stained and leaded glass portions of a 1923 Pittsburgh Paint & Glass catalog. The Wendling catalog was merely stamped with that firm's name - the designs, and in fact the catalog itself, were developed by the National Ornamental Glass Mfrs. Assoc., The NOGMA was a trade group based in Pittsburgh, formed to assist in marketing and to promote good design in glass products. It is likely that the windows in the Pittsburgh Glass catalog came from either that group or a similar one. Pittsburgh Paint & Glass was quite active in and supportive of numerous trade groups. 

Donated by: Maria Serpentino

Donated by: Jon Erickson



Print of the West Rose Window at Notre Dame, Paris
Donated by: Geoff Wallace

Set of 16 slides of Albinas Elskus's work.  They were purchased from Albinis in 1984 during a seminar he was giving. 
Donated by:  Michael Mezalick

Iguana:  Reduction linoleum block print - about six passes to create the final image. 
Donated by:  Indre McCraw




4.5" glass suncatcher, painted with kilnfired enamels.

This is the prototype of the 2007 edition of a series

of Christmas suncatchers that Don has issued each year

since 1999. Signed and numbered 1 of 100.
Designed and donated by:  Don Burt


"Shock & Awe".   Measures about 10"x14".  Painted and stained on clear, recycled window glass

Donated by:  Pete Billington


Approximately 16 X 16 inches. Glass bevels using 1/4 and 3/8 inch Starphire crystal glass. Two pieces red Kokomo in the Vertigo pattern and one red clear 'pregnant' bevel.

Beveled cluster by Dennis Swan Donated by:  Tod Beall

“The Spell of the Yukon” Copyright 1907

Donated by: Catherine Gibson (Student of Jim Whitney's from Enders Island)  Catherine and Jim's favorite Poet was Robert Service.



Painted glass piece

Painted and donated by:  Jeffery Hitch

A tool of some kind
Donated by:  David Crane

 Large jug of antique jewels (from Leo Popper)
Donated by:  Jack Cushen

 Two 150 W Hexacon Heavy Duty Irons (SI P 115-150) with tips, cradle stands and Glassworks Paste Flux

Donated by:  Scott at Sunshine Glassworks

 Hologram - Series Ch23 - Elephant
Designed and donated by: Ellen Miret

Small painted glass panel
Donated by: Bev Schindler (An Ender's Island Student who knew Jim and said she was honored by the opportunity)

Painted Bust of Mary
Donated by: Sister Diane

 Two Tiffany Dalles
Donated by:  Saara Gallin


"I have knitted a pair of funky, washable wool socks... standard ladies size."
Donated by:  Margie Cohen

Book - "Extra Virgin: The Stained Glass of Judith Schaechter"
Donated by: Judith Schaechter

A set of cards with stained glass images from the Ghibli Museum in Japan, and a panel
Donated by: Mary Higgins

 New book on St. Martin, Houston, TX
Donated by: Crosby Willet

Light colored German spun rondels from the 1930's
Donated by: Liz Perry

Glass jewelry
Donated by: Linda Scott

Donated by: Edward Harfman

(2) Books - One hard cover and one soft cover:  Rhode Island Stained Glass; An Historical Guide.  By Paul F. Norton

Wine Basket

Native American Panel
Donated by: Kathy Jordan

Homemade capocollo and two bottles of homemade wine
Donated by: Roberto Rosa 


A set of eight sable tracing brushes
Donated by:  Roy Coomber

Book: "Louis Comfort Tiffany", author Jacob Baal-Teshuva, text English/French/German, 2004, and a birdhouse
Donated by:  Barbara Krueger

Book:  John La Farge 
Donated by: Vic Rothman 

Two handmade brush rests (one large and one small), a wooden container which holds brushes, etc. and, a piece that holds about 15 or 20  2.0" x 2.0" painted glass samples in an upright position and in a single row.
Donated by:  Richard E. Brewer

DVD on silk screening
Donated by: Tony Glander

Original Acrylic Landscape painting by Rick Prigg
Donated by:  Rick Prigg

Handmade set of adjustable painting bridges
Donated by:  Hallie Monroe

7x14 panel, art nouveau style angel ,sandblasted on blue flashed with an oak leaf acorn boarder sandblasted on red flashed and painted.

Donated by:  Barbara Nichols

Book:  Doves and Dreams, The Art of Frances MacDonald and James McNair

Donated by:  Linda Cannon

Books: 2 books by Victor Perard "Anatomy & Drawing"
"Anatomy for the Artist" by Daniel Carter & Michael Courtney
"Bridgman's Life Drawing" by George B Bridgman
"Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist" by Stephen Rogers Peck
"Artistic Anatomy" by Dr Paul Richer
Donated by: Jacques Duval

Book: "Stained Glass in Catholic Philadelphia", Edited and authored by Jean M. Farnsworth, Carmen R. Croce and Joseph F. Chorpenning, photo by Laird Bindrim.
Donated by: Jean Farnsworth

GLASS BOOKLET, gold leaf wire inclusions, blue grisaille, silver stain, original calligraphy on artist-made paper, "glass plate" print. Poem by Emily Dickinson:

"Not knowing when the Dawn will come,
I open every Door,
Or has it Feathers, like a Bird,
Or Billows, like a Shore "
ARTIST BOOK made in Pézanas France by LAURENCE BOURGEOIS, number  3  of 5
copies, created in June 2007


A soft-cover book "Amoureux de la lumière - Lovers of light" with about 30 photos from the Via Vitro journey and a poem in French by Stéphane with its English translation.

Donated by: Heidi Scheffler and Stephane Ruault

Maryland Pack – A custom made sweatshirt and some special golf balls.
Donated by:  Sean Duchemin

Omaha Steaks

Donated by: Kristi Lambrecht

Handmade book

Donated by: Jenna Lambrecht

Softcover, Very Good condition with no dust jacket; Edgewear. Contents vg
Publisher:   London Thames and Hudson 1978
12th to 16th centuries photographs by Alfred Lammer; ''The magnificent illustrations in this book reveal the beauty of English stained glass from the 12th to the 16th centuries, which is equal to anything to be found on the Continent. ''; 40 color and 43 b/w illustrations; 8'' x 10.75''; plates + 15 pages

Hardcover;  Condition:   Very Good+ in Very Good+ dust jacket
Publisher:    Exeter 1993
 ''traces the history of glass in its architectural environment from the earliest surviving examples in the 11-th century cathedral in Augsburg to the work of modern designers and architects producing new and exciting effects of light, color and form (taken from the dust jacket) '' TABLE OF CONTENTS: Glass; An art and a craft; From Gothic to Gothic Revival; Victorian revival; The turn of the century; the break in ecclesiastical tradition; pubs to palaces; into the 21st century; Color Illustrations; 8.5'' x 11''; 96 pages

STAINED GLASS by Lee, Lawrence, George Seddon and Francis Stephens
Hardcover;  Condition:  Very Good, no dust jacket; edgewear and slight corner wear
Publisher:   New York Crown Publishers, Inc. 1976
Illustrator:   Illustrated by Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington
CONTENTS: World of Stained Glass by Lawrence Lee (the medium of glass; glass in the ancient world; beginnings of an art form; the church and its planning; the architectural challenge; painting with light; webs of stone; the circle and the rose; sources of inspiration, the bible, sacred and profane; spirits of good and evil; the language of symbols; saints and their emblems; the family tree of Christ; faces of Christ; donors - self-perpetuation and piety; a framework of glass; the natural world; the ancient traditional of heraldry; the art of blazoning in glass; reflections of the times, architecture, details of daily life, fashions; the changing art of portraiture; tributes in stained glass; he art and the artist). The History of Stained Glass by George Seddon (11th and 12th centuries, the cathedral age; 13th century, the age of gothic art; 14th century, the age of turmoil and innovation; 15th century, the age of transition; 16th century, the age of decline; 17th and 18th ce! nturies, the impoverished years; 19th centiury, the age of revival; 20th century, the age of expanding horizons). How a Stained Glass window is made and restored by Francis Stephens; gazetter, glossary, index, acknowledgements, bibliography; Color Illustrations; 11'' x 14''; 207 pages.  Out of print

STAINED GLASS Quarterly of the SGAA; 1993; Vol. 88; 3 Hoover, Richard L. (editor) 
The Resonance of Color (Amica Gomersall) ; Organic Geometry (Patrick Reyntiens) ; An Italian Stained Glass Studio (Helene Weis) ; The Structure of Stained Glass Windows - Design (Arthur J. Femenella); Aspiring To New Heights with SGAA President, Truett George, Jr. (Richard L. Hoover) ; Windows to Life, Two Views: The Teacher / A Student; Teknix: Computr Assisted Design, CAD Brings Efficiency to Stained Glass Production (Caren D. Potter) ; Viollet le Duc; Color & b/w Illustrations; 84 pages

 STAINED GLASS Quarterly of the SGAA; 1991; Vol. 86; 1 Hoover, Richard L. (editor) 
Spring 1991. CONTENTS: Glasnost Glass from Poland (John Plummer). The Lalique Window (Melissa Murdock Hoover). Transition to Glass, Ellen Miret-Jayson (Richard L. Hoover). Jewels of the South, Tiffany Studios (Arthur J. Femenella). Corpis Vitrearum Conservation Guidelines; Color and b/w Illustrations; 78 pages.   Out of print

 STAINED GLASS Quarterly of the SGAA; Vol. 87; 3 Hoover, Richard L. (editor)
Fall 1992; Color and b/w Illustrations; 78 pages 
Donated by:  Julia Whitehouse

 Monetary Donations:   Paul Phelps, Peter Rohlf, Jean Farnsworth, Judith Schaechter, Harriet Hyams, Chris Dutch and John Raynal.  










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