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Who Can Participate –AGG members and Conference Speakers.

Purpose - This is a design exercise, not a competition.  The purpose is to stimulate discussion about design and offer the members an opportunity to display their designs at the AGG Providence Conference.

Location description - The subject windows face northeast; the sun never falls directly on the glass, due in part to the trees about 30 feet away from the church.  Just as the sun comes north in the spring, the new growth of leaves shields the glass from the sun.  From late October until mid-April, the view is of bare trees.

This building was dedicated in March of 2003 and seats 960 (including the balcony).  There is little color in the sanctuary.  Some medium blue tiles on the floor near the altar signify water.  A large hanging cross also has blue integrated into it.

How to participate- Would a good design for the space have all of the windows be treated as one unit, as three units or as six units?  The choice is up to you, the designer.  Collage, water color, pen & ink, the media of the presentation is up to you.  Attach your completed work to a tri-fold foam or corrugated stand-up display board.  On the board, include your name, city and state in full view.  

E-mail the AGG at with the size of your display board so that sufficient table space can be arranged, and include a photo, if available.  (The AGG reserves the right to determine appropriateness for display.  If you have a question in this regard, please contact us prior to the Conference.)

How to get your design to Providence – We prefer that you hand deliver it to the Conference hotel (Hilton).  If this is not possible, you can ship it (before July 15) to:  American Glass Guild, c/o Serpentino Stained Glass, 21 Highland Circle, Needham, MA  02494.  If you ship your design and do not attend the Conference to pick it up, you must make your own arrangements for its safe return.

SIZES - For window sizes, click here.


1.  Exterior of church, from the south. Click here to view photo.

2.  Interior - looking at altar, with “design exercise” windows beginning at the left.  Two large Powerpoint screens, the cross and hanging banners which change seasonally. Click here to view photo.

3.  Interior – down the aisle with the “water” blue tile. Click here to view photo.

4.  Windows for the DESIGN EXERCISE. Click here to view photo.









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