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Direction from the medium itself: 
Message in the Material, A slide show of my work
Ellen Mandelbaum
I was trained as an abstract painter and so was taught to respect the character of the medium. 
You can see this is works by painters such as Rothko or Pollack. 
As I worked in glass the primary character of the medium was the flatness of the sheet of glass, 
the brush strokes of glass paint, the transparency and spontaneity of glass and paint, 
the beauty of the color. These became a central focus of my work along with the drawn strokes
of my glass painting.  
As time passed I learned to integrate these aspects with the coming-and-going of a rhythmic lead line.  
My work has always had these elements and increasingly focused also on the 
beauty of mouth blown glass color and the way glass' transparency allowed me to 
integrate the plane of my work with outside views into landscape and space in 
large-scale architectural commissions and also smaller residential work. 
It has been my joy to pursue these elements for more than 25 years; a love affair with color and light.

Ellen Mandelbaum is internationally known for her expressive kiln-fired painting on glass. 
As an active accredited member of the Stained Glass Association she is featured in many books 
including the new English "Contemporary Stained Glass Artists, 
A Selection of Artist Worldwide" by Kate Baden Fuller.
Mandelbaum began as a painter and has worked on glass for over twenty-five years. 
Painting on glass enabled her to pull together the beautiful colors of antique glass and 
to realize her potential as an artist in glass. This June she will give a talk as guest of the 
British Society of Master Glass Painters.









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