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David Wilde

Who is David Wilde?  David Wilde is a self-taught architectural glass artist.  Well, not really, his first exposure to contemporary glass was at a weeklong course with Robert Jekyll as the teacher. Wilde decided then and there, to make windows. Over the early to mid 1980’s, Wilde studied with Jochem Poensgen, Johannes Schreiter, Narcissus Quagliatta, Dick Millard, and even two French artists, Jean-Dominique Fleury, and Gilles Rousvoal in Chartres in 1990.

Wilde has written many articles about the things he sees and things he thinks about.  Some of his writings have appeared in Stained Glass Quarterly of the SGAA.  These writings are based on a series of very focused trips to Europe, especially to France, which figures prominently in his researches because of its wonderful history of glass.  France is the ideal place to carry on the tradition without being restricted to traditional designs. The Government of France, through various agencies, has made featuring new glass in its historic buildings a priority.  Participating artists might have no experience in stained glass, so they are paired with well-known studios, whose artist/owners share their knowledge, and together they bring some very exciting projects to life. And so, David Wilde has become the messenger for these undiscovered artists and some amazing developments in glass that are often unknown outside of France. Until now.

Along with an inquiring mind, Wilde reads a lot.  There are reasons why the French are interested in their culture. And there have been growing problems as the Government reaches out and then subsequently abandons various sites, confusing the locals. Wilde finds that reading about French culture and French politics, even back to the French Revolution, helps to put everything into some kind of perspective.  Through his writings and his convention speeches Wilde presents what is right about French stained glass, what has gone wrong, and why.  What do other Europeans think of the French glass of the last 25 years?  What does America know about these artists, or let me ask, “Do you even care?”  I think we should all know what’s going on over “there”, and see how we can respond to their successes, their excesses, and their failings.  David Wilde is here to start a different kind of dialogue and to encourage those among you who describe yourselves as artists to take a peek into the French situation and see how it might be of some use to you.









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