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Vic Rothman

I was born as a young child in a hospital in New York City so that I could be with my mother. After graduating from college with a degree in marketing & management and spending a few years managing record stores, I saw a stained glass demonstration at a craft show and decided that I could do that. My hobby soon spun out of control and I found myself selling small items at craft shows and wholesaling to stores in the Northeast. Ten years later I was managing Glassmasters Guild in New York City, teaching classes and doing small commissions. This lasted for about five years when I took an entry level (low pay) position at the Greenland Studio. This is where my real education in stained glass began. Within a couple of years I became the shop foreman. After Greenland closed in 1991, I opened my own studio (still at low pay). Over the years I have been lucky enough to have worked on a number of LaFarge and Tiffany window restorations, museum jobs and new fabrications. I've attended many international stained glass restoration conferences (co-authored a paper at one), have been on the restoration and education committees of the Stained Glass Association of America, belong to various trade and restoration groups and I am one of the founding members of The American Glass Guild.









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