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2010 American Glass Guild Conference
July 23-25, 2010, Greektown Hotel, Detroit, Michigan

AGG Auction 2010!
July 24th, 2010, Greektown Hotel
The American Glass Guild’s annual Auction is the sole source of support for the James Whitney Scholarship Fund and also supports the AGG's educational programs.  Our decision to name our scholarship fund in memory of Jim Whitney is a reflection of how his zest for life and pursuit of excellence in his craft and art inspired many.  The aim of the scholarship is to enable recipients to increase their understanding and love of stained glass.  Without a doubt we are well on our way to an exciting auction event!  We are always overwhelmed by the continued generosity of our membership. 

If you are unable to attend the auction this year and would like to leave a bid, please provide a "not to exceed" bid via email.  Shipping & Handling & Insurance are the responsibility of the winner.   

Contact Hallie Monroe or Kathy Jordan at auction@americanglassguild.org

donated by Indre McGraw

Indre MacGraw's panels have been among the highlights of stained glass panels throughout the years of the AGG auctions. She has again come through with this sweet and amazing stained glass panel, entitled "Night". The panel measures 10" X 17", and features antique tints and rondels. 

full panel


donated by Jon Erickson


The panel measures 10.5" x 9", and is plated on the back.

Pokeweed Rose
donated by Don Burt

Our first doantion of the 2010 fund raising campaign, Don Burt has set the bar by
donating an exquisite stained glass panel, entitled "Pokeweed". The panel
measures 14" X 16"; featuring Lamberts & Blenko glass with kiln fired
glass paint & enamels.


Cold Genius Print
donated by Judith Schaechter
44" x 33" print of Judith Schaechter Panel
To be signed at auction by Judith


Rose Window Frame
donated by Michael Mezalick

rose frame

Stained Glass Panel
donated by Nick Parrendo


BigHorn Gypsy - Stained Glass Panel 
donated by David Fode


Blown Glass Vessel
donated by Chantal Paré

This organic shaped heliotrope colored vessel has two openings, and gold
leaf overlays.  It makes a bold and spontaneous statement.


donated by Sister Ann Therese Kelly


Nancy Gong Vitreograph
donated by Nancy Gong

A similar one of a kind hand pulled vitreograph will be available for auction.
Approx 8"h x 10"w, framed.


Stained Glass in Catholic Philadelphia
donated by Kathy Jordan

Book by Jean Farnsworth.


Rhode Island Stained Glass
donated by Kathy Jordan

Book by Paul Norton.


Original Colored Pencil Drawing by Debra Balchen
donated by Debra Balchen

Debra Balchen will be conducting the Open Life Drawing Class with
J. Kenneth Leap at this year's Conference.


Cutting Board
donated by Paul Monroe


Gathering Light
donated by Marie-Pascale Foucault-Phipps

A book written by German Art historian Suzanne Beeh-Lustenberger and published by Chartres Centre International du Vitrail in 2008, on the women glass artists who formed the group WISGW 20 years ago.


Stained Glass Related Books
donated by Barbara Krueger

Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Laurelton Hall and Louis Comfort Tiffany: An Artist's Country  Estate


also these items:
Duncan:  Tiffany Windows
Koch:  Louis C. Tiffany, Rebel in Glass
Conference abstracts from 1994 Soc. Architectural Historian conference in Philadelphia
Michigan Potpourri (not yet complete)
Past issues of Stained Glass Quarterly
Paperweight:  Rose Window at York Minster

And there's more!

Peter Billington, SG Panel & Jewels
Mary Clerkin Higgins, SG Panel
Margie Cohen, TBA
Cynthia Courage, TBA
Joan Di Stefano, Free Standing Glass Panel
Jon Ericson, SG Panel
Saara Galliin, 2 Tiffany opal dalles, plus a 10"- x 14" framed kiln formed work of mine which could be hung on a wall.
Tony Glander , Fused glass bowl ~9", Black & white screen printed w/ NEW & IMPROVED fused & slumped foot
Kate Grady, TBA
Kathy Jordan, Introduction to the Study of Painted Glass
Kathy Jordan, "Palette, Bridge & Brush Set (75)"
Judy Killian, SG Panel
Tom Krepcio, Stained Glass Panel. Book
J. Kenneth Leap, SG Panel
Janet Lipstreau, Massage (redeemed @ conference)
Dan Maher, Rondels
Hallie Monroe, SG Panel
Troy Moody, SG Panel
Rona Moody, TBA
Nancy Nicholson, SG Panel
Rick Prigg, Canvas painting
Vic Rothman, "Genuine LaFarge  memorabilia. Two baseball hats, two fishing lures, one pocket knife, one watch and a lapel pin. All signed ""LaFarge"". Value...PRICELESS"
Vic Rothman, The definitive  John LaFarge catalog. 280 pages. Value $125.00 You have been sent 2 pictures.
Judith Schaechter, Print.  Will sign to the winning bidder
Patrice Schelkun, TBA
Maria Serpentino, Stained Glass Cartoons
Amy Valuck, SG Panel
David Wilde, Book

Updates as more info comes in!