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2011 American Glass Guild Conference
July 21-24, 2011, Crowne Plaza Resort, Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville Conference Schedule

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2011 Auction Rules and Procedures


Exploring Fused Glass for Stained Glass with Brad Walker

Monday, July 18th - Wednesday, July 20th - $400 

This intensive course starts with a quick overview of the basics of glass fusing, including kiln and mold preparation, glass selection, project design, firing schedules, annealing, and compatibility testing. Then it builds on the basics by exploring a cross-section of intermediate and advanced techniques, with a focus on creating flat pieces appropriate for use in stained glass or two dimensional panels.
Complete firing schedules, examples, and instructions will be provided. In addition to creating numerous sample tiles to illustrate various techniques, students will also create larger projects using their choice of techniques. Glass cutting experience is necessary. Familiarity with basic kiln processes is extremely helpful, but is not required.  Download a .pdf (5mb) flyer for the workshop. 

Register for the special event fusing workshop by downloading the registration form (.pdf file, 300k) and either fill it out interactively and email  or print and send to AGG per the instructions. 


Conservation Gluing Techniques with Mary Clerkin Higgins

Thu, July 21,  9am - 1pm   $180 ($20 materials fee to be paid to instructor)

This four-hour workshop is intended to introduce students to the basics of conservation gluing repairs for stained glass.  Using a combination of lecture and hands-on work, it will cover materials, edge-gluing, fills, and inpainting.  Mary Clerkin Higgins has 35 years of experience in stained-glass conservation.  She has restored hundreds of panels, some from as early as the 12th century and many of which are masterpieces of their time period. 

Multiple Layers/One Firing with Hallie Monroe

Thu, July 21. 9am-1pm:  $180 members  ($20 materials fee to be paid to instructor)

The class will begin with discussion and demonstrations of techniques on applying, modeling and rendering multiple layers of paint, all in one fire. Samples will be shown as examples of each of the steps.  Art work will be provided for hand-on practice on all steps of the one fire technique. 

Paint brushes will be available, however students are encouraged to bring their own "tracing" brushes, "English stippler's" and "scrubs"  for modeling and rendering. If possible students should bring a respirator.

Glass Painting with Indre McCraw

Thu, July 21. 2pm-6pm:  $180 ($20 materials fee to be paid to instructor) 

This will be a 4 hour painting workshop taught by Indre McCraw.  Instruction will provide the opportunity for hands on painting.  The focus will be on exploring the participant's artistic point of view as applied to the art and craft of stained and painted glass.  Demonstrations and discussion of Indre's direct and detailed, signature approach to trace and enamel application will be covered.

Paint brushes will be available, however students are encouraged to bring tracing, application and badger brushes.  Bringing sketchbooks and reference material is suggested as well.

Mosaic Workshop with Carol Shelkin

Thu, July 21. 2pm-6pm:  $180 ($35 materials fee to be paid to instructor) 

In this four-hour workshop you will be introduced to the earliest Roman & Byzantine mosaic works extending to modern day contemporary mosaic pieces. 

You will see a Power Point Presentation displaying ancient tools used by the Roman and Byzantine craftsmen from centuries ago and experience a hands-on workshop while making your own creation, understanding the flow and placement of mosaic design called: andamento. You'll use tools and tesserae that modern day craftsmen use today.  Each participant can choose from offered designs to make their own mosaic following ancient Roman design techniques.

Photoshop for the Stained Glass Artist with J. Kenneth Leap

Fri, July 22. 9am-11a:  $90

This class will cover what you need to know about Photoshop and how to use it. Learn to resize, crop & correct photographs for email, website & print; process images for screen printing and photo sandblast applications and use Photoshop to build and visualize windows for better presentations. What can Photoshop do for you? What are you missing out on? All levels welcome. Handouts provided. Lecture/demo format - no class size limit.

Open Drawing Class with Debra Balchen and J. Kenneth Leap:  

 Thursday Eve. 7:30-10 PM, Free (Sign-up required)

Keynote Speaker:

C.Z. Lawrence


Drew Anderson, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Manna From Heaven - A Stained Glass Conservation Project

Scott Taylor
Tiffany restoration for Virginia Museum of Art

Tom Kupper, Lincoln Cathedral
Should We Or Should We Not Spend All Our Expertise, Valuable Time And
Money In Conserving Windows Of A Sub Standard Quality? Focus On 19th
Century "Amateur" Stained Glass Windows At Lincoln Cathedral

Roberto Rosa
Is This What My Stained Glass is "Supposed" to Look Like?
Conservative Restoration of Plated Opalescent Windows

Robin Neely
Painting Conservation Tips


Don Burt
Enamels for Stained Glass

New Work:

Debora Coombs
Space, The Final Frontier: Twelve Stained Glass Raccoons for an Astronaut

Andrew Young
A Tune Up for the Soul: Human Perception and Stained Glass 
Givens Estates Chapel: A case study of a successful stained glass commission

Guy Kemper
How Working With A Fabricator Has Improved My Business, My Life And My Art

Karl Heinz Traut
Unlimited Possibilities in Glass – Utilization of New Techniques

Patrick Reyntiens
Closing Speaker


Virginia Chieffo Raguin
History of Glass Painting - The Hand of the Artist

Lindsy Parrott
Tiffany Glass

Kent Watkins
Mary E. Tillinghast: Un-hiding the Hidden in Recognizing and Understanding
her Achievements as a Woman Stained Glass Window Artist, Painter, Architect,
Decorator, and Marketing Genius during the Gilded Age


Joseph Cavalieri
A Guide to Getting Better Press for Stained Glass

Nancy Gong
What To Market; If You Don't Market When You're Busy;
When You're Done Being Busy, You May Not Have Any Work 

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