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 For 35 years, Art Femenella has been committed to excellence in the field of historic window restoration. During this time he has worked on and been responsible for the restoration of thousands of windows, doors, panels and artifacts. Mr. Femenella is a veteran of the Viet Nam War serving from 6/69 to 6/71 as a military policeman with a top security clearance. His formal education is in the sciences, majoring in physics at City College of New York. After 110 credit-hours of study Art left to follow a career in stained glass.

 Mr. Femenella started in stained glass in 1968 as a craftsman, serving his apprenticeship at the Greenland Studio in New York. In 1981, he became the co-owner and vice-president of this prestigious restoration studio. In 1988, Art sold his interest in the Greenland Studio to open his own consulting firm as well as become vice-president and co-owner of the Jack Cushen Studio, also of New York.  Both studios gained national recognition for excellence in the field of stained glass conservation & restoration. In 1993, Mr. Femenella consolidated his efforts and formed Femenella & Associates, Inc. the present firm.

 Art divides his time between supervising major restoration projects, consulting, lecturing and writing for numerous national magazines.  His projects have included works by Louis Comfort Tiffany, John La Farge, Frank Lloyd Wright, Maitland Armstrong and other artists of equal importance.  Art enjoys solving difficult problems, especially when the objective is to restore beauty and grace to a work of art that has been ravaged by time and the elements.  Art's practical experience, science background, and creative problem-solving abilities make him unique in the field.

Mr. Femenella has written over forty articles on stained glass restoration. He is a past Board member and the Chair of the Restoration Committee of the Stained Glass Association of America; and sits on the Board of Governors and the Restoration Committee of the Census of Stained Glass Windows in America.  He is a member of the Association for Preservation Technology, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the American Institute for Conservation of Historic Works, the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic Works, The British Society of Master Glass Painters and numerous other preservation groups.  Art was the consultant to the Protective Glazing Task Force.  This was a group of architects, engineers and preservationists charged by the Department of the Interior to develop national guidelines for the fabrication and installation of protective glazing. Mr. Femenella lectures and teaches seminars on restoration across the country.

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Femenella & Associates Inc.

10 County Line Road, Suite 24

Branchburg, NJ 08876

Tel: 908-722-6526














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