with Ellen Mandelbaum
Size Limit: Seven

A portfolio review is an exciting new concept for the AGG Pittsburgh conference. As an artist/teacher for over forty years I understand the complexity of the creative process, the time involved in building strong work, and the vulnerability involved in showing personal art. At first I wasn't sure about whether I wanted to do it. I wasn't sure that quickly looking at a portfolio would be a good idea. After more thought I came to believe it will be very useful to any artist who'd like to participate. I've carefully worked out the structure. 

#1. -My main goal is to encourage the participant, by talking about how to grow.

#2. I'm asking to see the portfolio a few times - handing it in at the very beginning of the conference on Friday, May 20th. so I'll have the time to give it the attention it deserves. 

#3. When we meet privately I might ask you about your intentions and advise you about I what I think might help you reach your goal.

#4. If we find something that might be of interest we might report back to the whole group and perhaps other artists might want to respond.

Ellen Mandelbaum MFA

An artist's portfolio is an edited collection of the artist’s best artwork intended to showcase an artist's style or method of work. A portfolio is used by the artist to show the viewer how versatile they can be by showing different samples of current work. This can be a flat portable case (traditional) or a presentation book with sleeves. Consider including photographs of stained glass or other art work, drawings, water colors etc. Suggested: 7-15 examples.

(Adapted from Wikipedia.)