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Jon Erickson

Adventures in Glazing for a Cartoon Rodent

Take heart...., Some productions actually care, within the bounds of the needs of the film designers, about keeping the representation of stained glass grounded in reality.

One studios experience with stained glass for Hollywierd.

Jon Erickson is a designer, painter, and all around stained glass guy that makes his home in Savannah Georgia.

Jon's art education began in youth with various classes and workshops at Rhode Island School of Design.  In 1988, Jon earned his BFA, in illustration, from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  The star in the crown of education, however, was the many happy weeks spent with his Tribe, slinging glass paint, at The Antrim School.

In 2007, after working for many years as designer, fabricator, and painter for Aurora Stained Glass, Jon bit the bullet, and purchased the studio. Jon Erickson Studios DBA Aurora Stained Glass is alive and well, serving those in need of glass art.

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