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Drayton Mapp

Design Crash Course

In Drayton's presentation, he'll share his experience in Bryn Athyn College's stained glass design course. He'll share the process from start to finish on the Kendrick center window done in collaboration with the Kendrick Center Stained glass project "Windows that Open Doors"

Bryn Athyn, PA based artist, Drayton Mapp, has been studying traditional stained glass since 2017. Drayton quickly fell in love with the medium and discovered a particular fondness for glass painting. Drayton is passionate about using classic techniques in a modern context to create beautiful works that transform spaces. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, and how we interact with it, Drayton strives to create art that portrays the importance of the variety of roles people play in life. Drayton is currently a student of Kenneth Leap at Bryn Athyn College.

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