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Tim Carey

GLASS AS ART - Elevating the Medium 

Do we as artists realize what we have in the medium of glass? How can we, individually and collectively, interact with glass in ways that can elevate its stature and relevance in the world of fine art and architecture. This talk will explore Tim’s mindset and his approach to glass as the ultimate material for art making. 

Tim Carey is a painter turned glass artist. He is the former Creative Director of The Judson Studios and currently runs Tim Carey Studio LLC out of Los Angeles, Ca. Tim’s goal is to bring image making in glass to the forefront in all areas of both private and public art. 

During the making of “The Resurrection Window” in Kansas Tim sought out the expertise of Narcissus Quagliata. Tim seeks to push this medium not only in his work but though the education of those currently working in glass as well as other media. 

Tim has taught at Bullseye Glass, Pacific Art Glass, The American Glass Guild and Stained Glass Association workshops as well as at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 

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