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Design Circuit - Joint Workshop

Thursday July 14th 8am - 5pm - $240
Petri Anderson - Designing with Procreate

Students will learn how Petri Anderson designs his magical woodland landscapes through the computer program ‘Procreate’ using his iPad and Apple Pen.

Students can bring their own iPad & Apple Pen to experiment with the processes that Petri will cover in the class.

Tim Cary - The Design Process for 'Painting with Light - A Fusing Technique' 

Conceptual designs are developed in Illustrator. The Images can be pre-designed, and other times they evolve out of a response to the glass itself.

The design becomes the template. With glass, the substrate IS the image. The artwork is made by assembling sometimes hundreds of small, custom-cut pieces of sheet glass, combined with glass powders known as frit, and melting them all together in the kiln to form an image. The work becomes a response to what these pieces are “suggesting.” Tim works in an abstract figurative language, with a formal approach to composition and color, ranging from realism to abstraction. Lighting of fine arts pieces will be covered. Tim specializes in custom framing and LED lighting.

Debora Coombs - Designing for Architectural Commissions

Debora Coombs teaches her own step-by-step methods of stained glass design. This includes the seven types of drawing needed for architectural commissions and how to break down a photograph or illustration into separate stages for glass painting.

Debora Coombs was made a Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters in 1995. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland; Swansea, Wales; and earned a Masters in Art & Design from The Royal College of Art, London in 1985. Her award-winning stained glass is exhibited, commissioned and collected internationally. Coombs immigrated to the USA with her family in 1996 while creating twenty stained glass windows for St Mary’s Cathedral in Portland, Oregon. She lives and works in Readsboro, Vermont.


Petri is a stained glass artist working from his studio in Hertfordshire. The inspiration for his work comes from two primary sources. The first is the wealth of 19th and early 20th century British stained glass and the second is woodland habitats. The rich drapery depicted around the turn of the century is particularly alluring to Petri and his Finnish heritage certainly contributes to his love of woodlands.

Petri trained as a restoration glass painter at Chapel Studio learning traditional glass painting techniques. This also underpins his new work. His preferred techniques are traditional kiln fired glass paints, stains and enamels. In his woodland scenes there are also detailed acid etched areas, employed to achieve rich colour varieties.

Tim Carey.jpg

Tim Carey Studio (Established 2018) is a full-service glass fusing studio in Los Angeles, Ca. Tim began his journey with glass as a stained glass window designer in 2003 and transitioned to fused glass in 2014 upon completion of the Resurrection Window in Leawood, Kansas.

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