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The James C. Whitney Memorial Scholarship

Jim Whitney was a strong supporter of the American Glass Guild during its inception, and approached his life, art, and craft with great passion and a high level of integrity. We hope his zest for life and pursuit of excellence will inspire recipients of this memorial scholarship in their stained glass careers. 

The generous donations from sponsors and AGG members fund these scholarships for glass education.

Since 2007 the Whitney Memorial Scholarship has handed out over 125 scholarships for glass education thus far.

Recipients receive full or partial scholarships for various glass educational opportunities, such as conferences and workshops, or ongoing educational efforts.


Apply for a scholarship, today:

Apply Online
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Our deadline for applications is twice a year:

February 28 - notification of awards by March 28

August 28 - notification of awards by September 28

We would like to congratulate the following:




David Dutton - Sandblasting/Painting for Beginners with Hallie Monroe

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