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Valid for one year

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Why join the American Glass Guild?


Our members originally created the American Glass Guild both to teach and to learn. A large part of what we’re about, and one of the original drivers that led to the formation of the AGG, is education. Many of our members are accomplished designers, fabricators, conservators, and historians. We believe that it is critically important to actively share this knowledge. We provide access to an accumulation of technique, best practice, and historical knowledge that is unattainable anywhere else. We welcome and share the ideas and discoveries of newcomers to the art of stained glass with as much encouragement as we do with the most well known artists and scholars in their fields.

We actively explore and foster relationship-building with architectural organizations, government and private historical preservation groups, liturgical and academic organizations, building trades, manufacturers and vendors. All of this provides business opportunities through increased exposure of our membership to a widening scope of relationships. Our sponsors recognize the opportunity and importance of our mission to support excellence in stained glass: At each of our annual conferences our sponsors have conducted classes and presentations on the use of their products.

A unique feature of the AGG is that in a large part our members love stained and decorative glass, and they want to share what they know. They see the potential for the AGG to become something great and they want to be a part of it.

Annual Membership Fees: 

Individual $48
Full-time Student $24

Membership Term: January 1 - December 31


New Memberships received after September 1 will become effective on January 1 of the following year and be in effect for that entire year. We may process payments and update membership lists upon receipt so that member communications can continue uninterrupted or begin immediately 

Support an organization with a consistently outstanding record of stained glass educational programs and funding

When you join the American Glass Guild, you will:

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