The AGG Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award

was established in 2013 and acknowledges distinguished accomplishment and serviceover the whole of a careerby those in the stained-glass field.   Recipients inspire us with their vision, achievement, standards and leadership.  Artists, conservators, craftspeople, art historians, etc., are eligible. 

Nick Parrendo could not imagine receiving this lifetime achievement award in 2009 and then having it named after him.  His passion and talent for the art of stained glass spanned 66 plus years from apprentice, craftsman, designer, artist and eventually owner, all with the Hunt Stained Glass Studios, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA.  His was more than a career, it was the embodiment of how he lived his faith-filled life allowing him to spread God’s message through various art forms.   With humility and joy and a tireless work ethic, Nick created thousands of commissions gracing houses of worship, commercial establishments and residences in the tri-state area and throughout the United States. He was also known to donate and gift his art for many charitable causes.  More than the numerous works of art, the legacy he devoted himself to was offering his gift of creativity to the glory of God with the hope that one would be inspired and touched by God’s loving presence through the art medium. Fearless in his approach, he exhibited a fiery spirit enriched with fascination and fueled by love.   Nick, through his easy going, gentle, genuine nature, generously shared his knowledge, fostering, inspiring and radiating excitement for the art of stained glass while selflessly caring for a host of future generations of artists, craftspeople and everyone who had the honor of knowing him.

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