The AGG Joseph Barnes Award

was established by the American Glass Guild in 2008 andis a service award presented to individuals who serve the glass community with a kindness toward others and an enthusiasm for the glass industry.  Artists, conservators, craftspeople, art historians, etc., are eligible. 

Joe Barnes received this inaugural award from the American Glass Guild, honoring his lifetime dedication to the stained glass industry. Joe’s career has spanned over 60 years, of which almost 40 are with Bendheim.

“Joe’s love of people and deeply rooted work ethic have made him a great asset to Bendheim and the stained glass industry,” said Robert Jayson, President of Bendheim. “Joe is known to be the first man in to work and one of the last to leave; one of the few who can always be relied upon to do the job, no matter what the task. I cannot imagine how many thousands of people he has helped with color selection, substitutions, shipping questions or just “how-to” advice. From assisting visitors to our warehouse to answering a telephone call, Joe has always been there to help.”

Before joining Benheim, Joe worked for Leo J. Popper and Sons in New York City.  He was beloved by many for his extensive knowledge of glass and for his enthusiasm in customer service. He was quoted as saying, ““I love working with glass. It has charm, beauty and so many design possibilities, there is so much you can do with it. The other great part of this job is working with people. I enjoy talking to them and helping them choose their glass.”

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