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Come learn about the fantastic workshops offered at this year's conference, facilitated by today’s leading artists covering topics from restoration to today’s contemporary fabrications. Come and explore what makes glass so special.

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Lyn Durham & Steven Cowan

Glass Painting: A Collaborative Workshop with two Master Painters

Indre McCraw & Jon Erickson

A Painting

Collaborative Class

Copy of PETRI ANDERSON_edited.jpg
Petri Anderson

Design Circuit

Joint Workshop

Copy of Roberto Rosa.jpeg
Roberto Rosa

Condition Assessments for Conservation

Copy of Amy Valuk.jpeg
Amy Valuck

Glass Repairs for Conservation and Restoration

Copy of moody_head.jpeg
Troy Moody

Iron Oxide Image Transfers in Fused Glass

Debora Coombs

Design Circuit

Joint Workshop

Deborah Coombs

Trace & Texture:  Glasspainting with Propylene Glycol

Copy of DAN MAYER.jpg
Dan Maher

Photo Imaging on 
Stained Glass

Copy of TIM CAREY_edited.jpg
Tim Carey

Design Circuit

Joint Workshop

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