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Amy Valuck

Glass Repairs for Conservation and Restoration
Thursday July 14th 8am - 12pm - $195

This class will cover a range of repair techniques for broken glass in stained glass conservation and restoration projects. HXTAL-NYL-1 epoxy is a widely used product in the conservation field and is known for its ability to produce a strong bond while matching the refractive index of glass. We will cover edge bonding using HXTAL, including preparing the glass, properly mixing the hxtal, tools and materials needed, application, and cleanup. Edge bonding with neutral cure silicone will also be reviewed, as well as other repair methods such as copper foil and through leads. We’ll also discuss how the type of glass and the type of breakage would make one method more appropriate than another, along with the conservation standards and philosophies that would help to determine which method is best in a given situation.

Amy Valuck is a stained glass artist and craftswoman with over 20 years’ experience working in the restoration and conservation of historical windows from studios including Tiffany Studios,

John LaFarge, Mayer of Munich, Charles Connick, Maitland Armstrong, and many others. She brings a well-considered conservation philosophy and decades of hands-on practice to her work, addressing both 'Why" and "How" a project will be carried out. She enjoys technical challenges, problem-solving, and research, and often borrows historical details of painting and fabrication in her personal creative stained glass work. Her studio takes on primarily restoration and conservation work, with occasional new commissions, and she frequently collaborates with other studios and consultants on large architectural projects.

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