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AFTER YOU HAVE FILLED OUT THE ONLINE DONATION FORM, you may send your artwork or other in-kind donation, gift certificate information or check to: 

     To be announced for 2020

*If you are shipping artwork: Insurance is the responsibility of the donor. AGG assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or loss of shipped items.

*The Auction Committee reserves the right to determine which items are selected for both the Silent and Live Auctions. All donations become the property of the American Glass Guild.

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AGG Committees

Board of Directors
Kathy Jordan, President
David Fode,Vice President
Cynthia Courage, Secretary
Carol Slovikosky, Treasurer

   Vic Rothman

   Amy Valuck

   Dan White

   Troy Moody

   Donald Burt


AGG Senior Advisors

E. Crosby Willet

Sylvia Nicolas

Patrick Reytiens

Jean-Jacques Duval

Barbara Krueger

Jack Cushen

Ellen Mandelbaum

Saara Gallin

Carol Slovikosky, Chair
Janet Lipstreu
Joseph 2Bears

2020 Conference
Tony Glander, Conference Chair
Tony Glander, Program Chair

J. Kenneth Leap, Chair
Judith Schaechter

David Fode, Chair

Melissa Janda

David Crane

Graham Fox

Jenna Lambrecht

Art Femenella
Tony Glander

Don Burt, Chair
Carol Slovikosky

Long Range Planning
Maria Serpentino, Chair

Marketing and Publicity
Daniel White
Tony Glander
Patrice Schelkun

JW Phillips

Greg Stefan

 Troy Moody

Tony Glander

JW Phillips 

Daniel White, Chair

JW Phillips

Bulletin Board
Rebecca Hartman-Baker

Nominating Committee
Maria Serpentino, Chair

Amy Valuck, Auction Chair
Kathy Jordan, President
Daniel White

Tony Glander
Kathy Jordan, President

Juried Exhibition: American Glass Now