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Andrew Cary Young

A Trillion Pieces of Glass… and Counting

Imagine the past, present and future of our art as a trillion pieces of glass.   

And in this vast spectrum where do you fit in?  

During my presentation about recent projects at Pearl River Glass Studio I will describe how innovation is a constant part of the process. I never started a new project design without first thinking what is going to be the innovation this time?  In 1975 my college roommate Reggie DeFreese and I started PRGS with one idea in mind.  We wanted to be artists first and chose glass as the most interesting and exciting material we studied at LSU.   And now as I am closing in on 50 years as an artist with glass I still discover new ways to use glass as the most expressive of artistic mediums. 

Andrew Young has been one of the forerunners in stained glass innovation, pioneering such techniques as fused glass in leaded windows and using the time-honored technique of acid etching in new and modern ways. His extensive education in the field includes study with Ludwig Schaffrath, H. G. Von Stochausen, and the master iconographer Vladislav Andrejev.  He also received a Degree in “Education for Ministry” from the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, which makes him uniquely qualified to incorporate the subtle aspects of theology into the many church windows he creates. In 1987 he was awarded a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission to see the gothic cathedrals of Europe as well as tour many of Europe’s oldest and most renowned glass companies.  

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