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David Fode

From Watercolor to Charcoal to Glass - Evolution of a Design

We will discuss the initial contact with the client, and all the steps up to (but not including) fabricating the window(s). I will show examples of my watercolor renderings and full size charcoal drawings, discussing my methods and reasoning for them. Attendees will be able to use watercolor and charcoal to achieve useful effects in portraying how the stained glass would eventually appear.

David Fode works and resides in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He began his art career in 1991, illustrating periodicals throughout the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. He changed his focus to glass in 1999, and worked for Conrad Schmitt Studios for 16 years. He currently is the head painter and designer for Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while also doing liturgical work for several other studios. He also has his own studio, HaeuserHeil Studios, where he focuses on smaller non secular commissions. In his spare time, he gets back to work, dreaming of something called “spare time”

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