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Dan Maher

Photo Imaging on Stained Glass
Thursday July 14th 1pm - 6pm $295

This 1⁄2 day workshop will teach students how to create photos, text, and ornamental patterns on glass using photo-sensitive sandblast resists. A Zoom meeting will be scheduled for several weeks before the conference to show how to select or create images through Photoshop. The workshop will explore the variety of sandblasting resists from both Rayzist and Ikonicks, how to make the resists, and how they can be used to create images with colored flashed glass, an intaglio process and the use of custom made flashes with glass paints.

Dan Maher is a stained glass artist with 50 years’ experience both restoring and fabricating windows. His new work ranges in all styles of stained glass and inventing new methods of construction and materials including found glass objects, light projection windows, photo imaging in glass and more recently blowing and pressing glass objects to include in his work. Dan’s work has been featured in many TV programs including Chronicle and New England Dream home and featured in many magazines including Glass Art, Home, This Old House Magazine and Martha Stewart Living.

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