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Retrospective Exhibit

Our Retrospective Exhibition is a tribute to Mary Clerkin Higgins , a Founding Member, past President, and renowned Conservator of stained glass. The exhibit will feature many panels from prior "American Glass Now" juried exhibits and our Scholarship Auctions.  Instrumental in the inception and organization of the American Glass Now exhibition, Mary envisioned a show that would give glass artists the opportunity to experiment, show their skills, be ambitious, have dialogues with fellow artists and show the public what stained and architectural glass could be!  Higgins took great satisfaction in knowing that the AGG was making a positive difference in the field and that she was an integral part of AGN project.


Our Retrospective Exhibition will celebrate the positive impact past AGN exhibits and donated art has made towards our Scholarship efforts.  We also celebrate Mary’s encouragement and dedication to the transformative, versatile, and evocative medium of glass.  The exhibit will be on display during the annual conference in the main lobby of the Corning Museum of Glass, showcasing selected artists an opportunity to share their vision with an expanded public.  

Click on an image to enlarge and see the artist's name!
Kathy Barnard
Pete Billington
Don Burt
Don Burt
Celeste Parendo
Tim Carey
Cynthia Courage
Jon Erickson
David Fode
Marie Foucault
Saara Gallin
Catherine Gibson
Tony Glander
Nancy Gong
Mary Clerkin Higgins
Mary Clerkin Higgins
Mary Clerkin Higgins
Mary Clerkin Higgins
Melissa Janda
Kathy Jordan
Kenneth Leap
Linda Lichtman
Ellen Mandelbaum
Peter McGrain
Indre McGraw
Hallie Monroe
Troy Moody
Nancy Nicholson
Sylvia Nicolas
Maria Orr
Scott Ouderkirk
Rickj Prigg
Patrice Schelkun
Kristopher Tiffany
Amy Valuck
Nikki Vogt
Sasha Zhitneva
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