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Zydrunas Mirinavicius-High Temp Enamels

July 9th - 10th, 9:00am - 4:30pm

  • 475 US dollars
  • Kolenda Art Glass 1150 Dallas Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Service Description

Intermediate/Advanced I am going to introduce you to the high temperature (appr. 800 C) transparent glass enamels and to show the methods and techniques of painting on glass using conventional soft brushes as well as a special method using metal mesh (sieve) and a toothbrush, also a possibility of using stencils and multilayer painting. These enamels are hand-made by Lithuanian stained glass masters, exceptionally transparent and of deep color. Number of colors is around 30. It could be used on float glass or on any harder pot glass. Painting with these enamels could be combined with grisaille painting achieving rich in tones and in colors image. Duration of a workshop – two full working days. We are going to paint with glass enamels as well as with grisaille pigments on both sides of float glass with two firings. We will execute 3 – 4 glass pieces each student (2-3 smaller ones – tests of techniques and colors, 1 of bigger size). I will be working together with the students demonstrating techniques and methods of use of pigments. Water should be a solvent for all pigments. I will provide primal ideas for painting, we will improvise executing smaller pieces; we also can discuss a possibility to develop more detailed idea for a bigger glass piece in advance (portrait, animal, etc.). Day 1: improvising with grisaille pigments on glass (2-3 smaller ones), using linear drawing and shading of high contrast. Reverse it. Painting with color enamels with soft squirrel brush, learning how to apply the layer of pigments evenly, learning the nature and specifics of pigments. Applying color pigments using special technique with metal mesh and a toothbrush. Applying pigments using the same method, but adding use of stencils. Day 2: evaluating results of painting after fire. Painting with grisaille pigments on the same side as the day before (onto all pieces). Reverse. Painting with the grisaille pigments onto the top of enameled surface. The main goal of this workshop is to make an acquaintance with Lithuania made color pigments, exploring their qualities – transparency, like water-color effects, deepness of colur, possibilities and limitations to mix different colors.

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233 Longfield Rd, Colonial Beach, VA 22443, USA

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