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2020 Annual Conference Vote

As stated in our By-Laws, our Board of Directors shall be elected by the Membership of AGG at the Annual meeting.  Due to COVID-19, the election that would have been held at our Baltimore Conference was postponed and will now be conducted digitally by an online ballot.  


We currently have 11 Board Members with five seats up for re-election:        


Don Burt, Cynthia Courage, Vic Rothman, David Fode and Bruce Buchanan.

All nominees are running unopposed, so please be sure to answer each ballot question. Nominations "from the floor" can be submitted to be added to the ballot by 11pm EST 7/15 by emailing:


Current AGG members will receive a voting link via their email address on file.  Voting will be open for five days and conclude on July 20th.  

Click on the photos to read their nomination statements!

David Fode.jpg

David Fode


Cindy Courage


Don Burt


Vic Rothman


Bruce Buchanan

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